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Our Work

At Pliny Crane, we believe in capturing and displaying what deserves to be seen. There are many great businesses, products, services, events, and so much more that go unnoticed. We want to change that. Below are just a few of the clients we work with, ranging from event firms to manufacturing to college ministries. We strive to help bring your vision to life! If you don't see the type of work you are looking for, just ask! We have a wide variety of other work/clients we would be more than happy to share with you!


Streamline Event Agency

Event Management Company


Through an ongoing partnership to develop amazing content for amazing events, we create, edit, and animate videos to inspire awe at Streamline's events.

What We Did

From creating full videos to simply creating amazing graphics, we have done it all. We have worked together to create content for companies ranging from TikTok to Bryant & Carrier.


Every project we have worked on has resulted in tens of thousands of people being more engaged, encouraged and enthused about being at their event, internal and external alike.


Reformed University Fellowship

The flagship college ministry of the PCA.


In our ongoing partnership with RUF, we fully produce videos and other content for a range of purposes and audiences. It is our goal to represent RUF as they are and who they want to be.

What We Did

While we have done many projects for RUF, the largest is in the works. We are currently developing a wide range of multimedia content to celebrate their 50 years as a national ministry. Over the course of 2023, there will be a significant amount of amazing content released!


We have only begun to see the impact that this content will have. So far we have seen hundreds of RUF employees and thousands of others be inspired and encouraged about the organization and the work being done through it.


Formall, Inc.

Custom thermoforming & metal fabrication


Through our continued partnership with Formall, Inc. we are able to help display their amazing creations and innovations through website content, commercials, and much more.

What We Did

Throughout the past several years, we have continued to produce photo and video content for Formall, Inc. to use on their website, ads, commercials, and much more. We are constantly updating their portfolio with new media.


Through the combined efforts of our media team and Formall, Inc.'s marketing team, we have been able to generate hundreds, if not thousands, of new leads of customers and employees for the ever expanding company that they are. 

People We've Worked With

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