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Brand Management
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Who We Are

We are a brand management firm. Simply put, at Pliny Crane we form dedicated teams of creatives and business minds to become your own branding, media, and marketing department. We have found that most companies get bogged down by the need to promote themselves or their products. Sadly, this draws them away from truly doing what they love. At Pliny Crane, we take on this burden for you. It is our goal to partner long term with clients, learning who they are and who they want to be, and, in doing so, become a trusted ally that can manage all of their branding, media, and marketing needs. Our entire purpose can be boiled down to one simple phrase: “You do what you do best, and we will handle the rest.” 

What We Do


Every venture needs a roadmap, and we are here to help create one. Whether its branding, marketing, multimedia, or social media, let us help you develop a plan to expand your brand. Without a strategy, you might succeed, but with one you will flourish.


In a world with content streaming across the globe, the only way to stand out amongst the noise is through creativity. With full teams focused on being the best in their craft, you will have access to the most dedicated and inspiring creatives in the industry.


Even with the best content and strategies out there, things still have to be managed. Posts have to be made, communities engaged with, questions answered, and portfolios updated. We provide management services so you don't have to. That way, your leaders can focus not on media, but on your people, your products, and your services.


While we believe organic marketing and real relationships are the way of the future, there is still a place for traditional marketing. With access to every form of marketing in the field, we can create and distribute content and campaigns with speed and efficiency, keeping your brand and company visible at all times.

A business meeting


We understand your mind may be swirling with questions and possibilities. Whether you are looking to hire us or simply want a little bit of advice, we are the team for you. Below you can book a free 30-minute consultation to discuss the competitive world of media and marketing.

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